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Government Interviews Masterclass

Government Interview Skills Masterclass

Our Government Interview Skills Masterclass is the ultimate solution for job seekers who want to excel in interviews. With an expert degree-qualified host with almost a decade of HR experience, over 90+ 5-star reviews, and a proven track record of helping clients secure salary increases of up to 90k, this workshop is your ticket to success.

  • What you will get:
    • An intensive 90-minute intensive virtual masterclass on best practice interviewing for government roles
    • My interview guide with proven sample answers to common interview questions
    • Email/conversation templates to use before and after interviews
    • My free cover letter template
    • Free resume review valued at $99


    What you will learn: 
    • Key preparation: for government interviews (Federal and State)
    • Avoid common pitfalls: I see these all the time, and how to avoid them!
    • Interview Panels: Interview panels and their components
    • Critical Research: What research you NEED to be doing prior to interviewing
    • Job interview formats: Types of job interviews & how to prepare
    • Answering questions: Understanding WHAT the questions are testing for, what types of questions you are being asked, & techniques to use if you don’t have an answer.
    • Elevator Pitch: Building your brand and Elevator Pitch (Tell me about yourself!)
    • The STAR method for responding to questions: Nailing the STAR method for answering behavioural questions
    • Unique answers to common questions: Handling common interview questions in your own unique way
    • Questions to ask at the end of the interviewHow to prepare the questions you will ask at the end of the interview
    • Non-verbal communication: Body language, non-verbal communication and handling nerves
    • Interview Etiquette: Pre- and Post-Interview Etiquette and Follow Up

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your interview skills. Limited time offer!

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